360 Day Interest Calculation Excel

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Need guidance on what formula to use in order to calculate interest accrued for a loan using 360/365 day basis. That day-count method does not make sense to me. I wonder if you really mean 365/360, more commonly written as actual/360.

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Let’s apply this simple multiplication technique to calculate interest for a short-term period, based on a quoted rate for short-term US dollars, which uses a 360-day year. For example, you deposit $3m for 90 days at a quoted interest rate of 4%, based on a 360-day conventional year.

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All the tools you need are: 1) an electronic spreadsheet with PMT (payment calculation), addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication capabilities (I use Excel) and 2. my numbers (mortgage.

Both calculations charge you interest on the actual days in a month, but on the 30/365 loan your monthly payment is increased by the extra 5 (or 6) days of interest. On an actual/360 loan the monthly payments are the same as on a 30/360 loan, but the amortization schedule is adjusted to account for the difference in interest.

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interest rate greater than the nominal interest rate. Using the "365/360 US Rule Methodology" interest is earned for 365 days even though the daily rate was calculated using 360 days. Using the "Monthly Payment Methodology" interest is earned on 12 thirty day months or in effect 360 days.

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