Prime Interest Rates History

The federal prime interest rate is typically viewed as a lagging indicator, and financial institutions adjust their interest rates in accordance with it as economic conditions change. The fed interest rate is a benchmark that banks, credit unions and other financial institutions use to set prices for loans.

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Because most consumer interest rates are based upon the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, when this rate changes, most consumers can expect to see the interest rates of credit cards, auto loans and other consumer debt change. The prime rate does not change at regular intervals.

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The prime rate is defined by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) as "The base rate on corporate loans posted by at least 70% of the 10 largest U.S. banks." It is not the ‘best’ rate offered by banks. HSH uses the print edition of the WSJ as the official source of the prime rate.

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WSJPRIME | A complete WSJ US Prime Rate interest rate overview by MarketWatch. View interest rate news and interest rate market information.

Understanding prime rate history is crucial because these rates can have a direct impact on CD rates and savings account interest rates. banks frequently use the prime rate as a benchmark for variable-rate CDs or money market accounts .